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Alert Works EAR-10 Weather Alert All Hazard Radio

Alert Works EAR-10 Weather Alert All Hazard Radio
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The ‘Alert Works EAR-10 Weather Radio’ works on SAME technology principle and receives lifesaving job by alarming automatically about the natural hazards and civil emergencies in the area/county.

The radio device is made up of strong premium impact-resistant and water resistant with ABS material and is very much suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage and very much help the people those who stay on travel for a lot. As receiving the channels of NOAA, this emergency weather-alerting device broadcast the channels of breaking news, weather reports, talk shows and other channels that come with frequency bandwidth.


  • EAR 10 model

This model of EAR 10 receives the weather forecasting information from NOAA channels at the 90-decibel siren sound, voice alert and flashing LED display. Moreover, this EAR 10 allows programming for 5 new different alert codes. In addition, it features a clock with alarm & snooze button.

  • Display Message

This model has the feature of displaying pertinent message about the alert and the same can be viewed through its clear and LCD Display

  • SAME methodology features

The SAME technique provides flexibility to program the radio to receive alerts and alarms for chosen counties with swivel telescopic antenna.


  1. SAME technology works for about 30 fed-in locations
  2. Alert on & off feature to program out the selected events
  3. The pack comes with battery backup


  1. The power supply for the emergency radio is 4 AA batteries which will not come in the pack, hence, for first usage and standby pack, it is the user’s responsibility.

Bottom line

Certified by Public Alert System, this particular model moves greatly among the high-risk areas in order to escape from the natural hazards and civil emergencies. Featured with Selectable Alert, Voice, 90db Siren, and Flashing LED, ‘Alert Works EAR-10 Weather Alert All Hazard Radio’ helps the humankind greatly.