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First Alert Weather Radio, Red/Black (SFA1160)

First Alert Weather Radio, Red/Black (SFA1160)
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This First Alert Weather Radio has multiple bands that provide forecasting alerts and alarming signals by accessing the latest news and weather broadcasting information with seven NOAA band frequencies in a quick around time. This particular model type of SFA1160 acts as both AM & FM radio that helps greatly for travelers with four different type of powering back up system.

  • 4 different ways of charging power

Dynamo (manual charging), solar panel (which is placed as top-facing for easy sunlight exposure), Side mounted dynamo crank / USB port (for charging the internal built Lithium battery), and 3 x AAA batteries (UM-4)

  • Weather Indicator Alert

This model of First Alert Weather Radio – SFA1160 has the ability to switch between the radio modes to weather broadcast when receiving the alert signal with its hi-tech AM/FM frequency synthesizing digital tuner

  • Ultra-bright LED lights

This emergency radio has three ultra-bright LED flashlights with multi-function blue color backlit LCD display, real-time clock and charging indicator

  • Instant Forecasting Capability

It has the ability to receive the weather alerts instantly at all 27/7, marine forecast indication, and weather alert broadcast information through its seven-bandwidth frequencies


  1. It has emergency USB port that works on dual functions – to recharge the radio as well to charge one’s smartphone when running out of battery
  2. It has value added accessory such as built-in hanger hook with spring clip for easy hanging and positioning the radio in order to receive the signals instantly and actively
  3. The other standard add-ons are headphone jack, rotary telescopic antenna and built-in speaker for clear, crisp and loud sound


  • The package does not come with AAA batteries wherein the user needs to purchase it along with standby battery packet

Bottom line

This emergency weather forecasting radio makes perfectly reliable for the households to keep themselves alarm on tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, floods, and other natural threats in prior to safeguard themselves.