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MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio

MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio
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To stay alert and keep updated with weather conditions, Midland WR300 emergency radio helps finding the natural hazards that are in line to expect. It works behind the technology of SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) with a pre-programmed list of channels to Specific County and place.

This MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio pack comes with one AC Power Adapter and Owner’s Manual.


  • SAME technology:

The trending technique of the SAME programming helps to alarm the radio to create alert signals to only the counties that are in expected-danger. It helps to lock the county’s NOAA weather radio signal with less user programming.

  • User Selectable Warning System

It has 90 dB siren alarms (that helps to signal the user of, dumb, and blind) greatly with voice alert and visual LED flasher for dumb and deaf significantly.

  • Best Memory System

The radio’s inbuilt memory system helps to store the records for about 23 – 30 locations at a minimum

  • Event Indicator

This particular model radio has the feature of event identification (for instance, when it signaling alert alarm for a tornado, it displays as “Tornado Alert”) and displays “EXP” when the alert is expired or over.


  1. It has the add-on feature of adding and removing alerts on priority base
  2. Alarm clock works for wake up to local weather, AM, FM and buzz
  3. It displays full calendar of the day
  4. It has loud alarming speaker wherein it requires no assistance to sit beside the device to notice the alarm
  5. It has continuous backlighting feature
  6. It has color-coded alert level indicators with over 60 emergency alert signals


  1. It runs on AA batteries, hence, it is must to have the standby storage pack of emergency power backup

Bottom line

By forecasting all the seven NOAA and Environment Canada Weather Channels, MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio helps people in high-risk areas significantly.