Midland ER-210 Emergency Weather Alert Radio

Midland ER-210 Emergency Weather Alert Radio
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This ‘Midland ER-210 Emergency Weather Alert Radio’ acts as a one-stop solution during power outages after the big hits of natural hazards and civil emergencies. This weather radio is built to keep update the areas that are at high risk and in an emergency. Wherein it has hand crank digital alert feature and provided with a flashlight that alarm the serious situations accurately.


  • Multiple Power Option

This particular model of weather radio has multiple sustainable power option with long-lasting 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery for 25 hours non-stopping usage. This lithium battery gets charge very easily with the help of solar panel, hand crank or with the feature of mini cable USB.

  • Ultra-bright Flashlight

This ER-210 model weather radio has LED light of 130 lumens and has the feature wherein the user can choose the option to conserve the battery power from low to high for both dimming and maximum illumination.

  • Large LCD Display

The radio has ultra-bright LCD display that provides clear and crisp reading feature. The perfect backlit option shows the details of the station name, time, and weather channels clearly. Moreover, the user can feature the backlight to on, off or automatically turn off after displaying the updated alerts after 5 seconds.

  • Charge External Devices

Apart from charging the weather radio, the properly backed-up power supply helps to charge your external devices such as smartphones at important situations


  1. The SOS flashlight beacon helps to activate the Morse code signal even
  2. Battery conservation option is in-built for long-lasting battery life


  1. The ER-210 weather alarming radio comes with rechargeable battery of 2000 mAh wherein it requires proper charge to keep the battery sustainable

Bottom line

As in the high-risk areas of Midland, it is must that every household to have an emergency radio to keep them posted with accurate weather forecasting information and news. In that way, Midland ER-210 Emergency Weather Alert Radio serves the people towards safe and secure preparation.