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Midland Consumer Radio Weather Radio All Hazard Radio Gray (WR400)

Midland Consumer Radio Weather Radio All Hazard Radio Gray (WR400)
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In general, weather radio helps significantly for those who live in high-risk areas to safeguard themselves from natural hazards such as tornadoes, cyclones, thunderstorms, ice storms, and other civil emergency cases. The trending technique of the SAME programming helps to alarm the radio to create alert signals to only the areas that are in expected-danger. It helps to lock the county’s NOAA weather radio signal with less user programming.


  • NOAA Weather Alert

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association help to transmit the accurately forecasted weather report in order to make the people alert and aware all the time especially to those who live in Midland (high-risk areas)

  • 80 Alerts

Setting apart from the other emergency radios in the market, this WR400 – Midland Consumer Weather Radio has the feature of delivering 80 emergency alerts at one time

  • Personalized Feature

This particular model has the feature of customization to select the alert types in prioritizing the risky areas and the feature can be recorded for selected local areas to receive the warnings instantly

  • Local Area Code Entry

The feature discussed above is applicable here too for manually entering the high-risk area code or choosing the priority area from the dropdown list of preprogrammed list of counties to alert that particular area in first preference


  1. It has the feature of receiving all the listed NOAA weather channels for complete information and update on weather forecasting news
  2. It completely follows the SAME programming
  3. The AM & FM radio comes with alarm and clock that works as common alarming clock too
  4. It has inbuilt 4 types of radio presets
  5. There is customization feature for adding and removing alerts in terms of prioritizing

Bottom line

Though there are, multiple numbers of emergency radio are available in the market, this particular model of Midland Consumer Radio Weather Radio (WR400) works in a way different from the commonly available pieces.